Thursday, April 4, 2013

pineapple cilantro cream, butiki teas

The best thing about reviewing tea on a blog, is that it's rekindling a passion I've had for years and leading me to explore even more tea. Also, I get to drag my fiance along on parts this journey, so that's always a bonus.

This tea, however, is one I'm glad I didn't bring my fiance on for, because I'm pretty sure I just became hooked and maybe a little selfish because I definitely don't feel like sharing.

This beauty is all miiiiiiine.
My first impression of this tea when I opened the bag was that it smelled like ocean water and comfort -- it's sweet and seductive, but not cloying or unnatural. My second was that it was really lovely. There were chunks of pineapple and little flecks of pink flowers throughout.

I followed the direction on the bag and heated my water to 180 and put three teaspoons in my 16oz ingenuiTEA and waited three and a half anxious minutes (because something that smells that good has to taste good too).

After the three and a half minutes I was left with leaves that looked like, well, tea leaves. And a lovely golden cup of tea ambrosia.

Liquid escapism!

The first sip felt like an escape from a 45 degree spring in the midwest US and like being whisked to a private tropical hideaway. This tea has an almost creamy mouthfeel, which I loved. The pineapple also came through really well, and the cilantro came across as more of a nuanced herbal highlight than actual cilantro, on a delicate white base which tied everything together harmoniously. I did notice some very mild astringency while drinking. The aftertaste was sweet and initially strong, but fades quickly (which really just left me wanting another cup).

So, good bye reality. I'm going to go lose myself in another cup.

Butiki Teas

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